Between the vineyard and the glass

Come and discover the world of wine Altavins Viticultors' winery. Enjoy a unique experience by visiting the winery and tasting our wines. Choose the activities that suit you best and combine them with good food and unique excursions.



Visit to the winery+wine tasting

Come and visit our winery and taste our wines.
You can also see the vineyards where the grapes which produce our wines are grown, and visit Batea's old town centre.


Visit to the Vineyards

Enjoy a unique day out in the vineyards and get an inside view of ALTAVINS VITICULTORS' winery facilities.


Visit to the medieval town of Batea

Get ready to live a day as a true WINE professional with the programme which ALTAVINS VITICULTORS recommends and which includes a visit to Batea's historic centre.


Lunch at Mas de Pepo

Enjoy a super funny meal with local products and grilled meat, or our traditional "Clotxa" or "calçotadas". Meals from 25 €, check with the cellar.

Visit the vineyards on Segway

Come and enjoy an authentic walk through the vineyards. Combine the modernity of the Segway while you enter between viticulture and its traditional methods.

The Ibers and the wine

The ideal getaway to enjoy the culture and cuisine: traveling in time to the world of the Iberians guided by a local archaeologist, enjoy unspoilt south of Catalonia and savor the delicious Wine, oil and traditional meals served in the Iberian Iberian cutlery created handmade for the occasion.
Let your creativity and participate in a workshop with a local craftsman, bringing you the gift Your work of art and craft with a dinner you ate.


Come and enjoy a different day in Terra Alta. We will start with a visit in Altavins cellar and tasting of some wines. Then, we will discover the secrets hidden in the Medieval Batea. Finally, we are going to made a "calçotada" following the traditional style. All paired with ALTAVINS wines.From 35€ and groups of 25 people.