On May 31 took place the First Cultural Day, the first contest of Art 3 Territories, Winery ALTAVINS VITICULTORS batting, where awards were given this event.

This contest has been established with the aim of promoting the wine and oil of our land, taking as a thread the value of these products within the Iberian Culture, both well represented in our region.

We can define this conference as an extraordinary success, considering that the first time you install an art exhibition in a cellar in Terra Alta, and that they go home, throughout the day , more than 250 people.

The day began with the opening of the event, with the parliaments of the organizers and the authorities. During the morning workshops were installed crafts (jewelry, origami, ceramics, ...) and had the opportunity to taste wine and oil.

It also gave two lectures on the value of the wine and olive oil in the Iberian Culture, by José Antonio Benavente, manager of the "Heritage Iberian Consorcio de Aragón" and on "Influence of landscape and the rural world Art ", by Alex Susanna, Deputy Director of the Institut Ramon Llull.

A lunch was served a meal inspired Iberian dishes representing the cuisine of that time. At dinner, he presented the awards to the winning artist Contest 3 Territories.

As a first result of the contest, has developed a route where you can visit the main Iberian settlements in the area and enjoy different experiences. (oil and wine tasting in the area, knowledge of the Iberian cuisine, workshops with local artisans, etc.). You can find more information at: